A downloadable game

Survive on a Hostile World

After crash landing on an unknown world due to an attack from an unexplainable horror, you must fight to survive the harsh and alien environment you find yourself in. Scavenge for parts scattered across the various biomes to build a beacon and call for aid.

Secrets best left hidden haunt this land's peaks and vales. Echos of a lost race that make themselves known during the dead of night.

Current Features

  • Most of the flora for the various biomes
  • An in-progress handcrafted open-world environment nearly 4 km² in size
  • Some of the fauna you will encounter
  • One of the nocturnal shadow enemies
  • A weapon customization system, affecting both stats as well as visuals and audio
  • Jetpacks
  • Shield generators
  • WIP construction system
  • Day-night cycle
  • Your crashed ship
  • Functioning fire
  • Non-functioning electricity
  • Lots of questions without answers

You can also find me on YouTube and Twitter. My YouTube is mostly unrelated (used for let's plays, primarily), but I'll post game-related updates and the like on my twitter (as well as all of my random thoughts as they come to me).