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The goal is simple: dodge the oncoming obstacles. It's not so simple when you take into account that you're playing as a neon bar spinning around at high speeds.

The game has three separate difficulties to play on, and each one is twice as hard as the last.

Basic Instructions: Red is bad, blue and yellow are good. Press space or A on your controller (X on playstation controllers) to reverse the direction of your spin.

It's recommended that you play with a controller, but keyboard works too. Also, because of some weird stuff with the engine, you need to use a mouse for the main menu.

It may also be important to note that the game slows down if your framerate is below 60 fps. If it seems to be running in slow-motion, turn the graphics down.

Also, it doesn't keep track of scores for you. You'll need to do it with a pencil and notepad like yon caveman ancestors of the arcade age. Or wait... didn't arcade machines have a scoreboard? Eh.

WIP Update:

The new update I'm working on will improve the game in a few notable ways, including:

  • Framerate independent gameplay, so regardless of how good your computer is you can still play.
  • Mac and Linux versions (if possible)
  • Additional play modes for more fun
  • Functioning high score, possibly with a leaderboard to compete against your friends
  • Graphical update


Arrow Keys/Left Joystick : Move

Space/Bottom Face Button : Change rotation direction

Backspace/Back : Exit to menu

Escape/Pause/Start : Pause Game


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